Things I Should’ve Mentioned…

Hi, Everyone!  I’m finally back from the dissertation-/conference-/bacon-hangover-induced departure from blogging, and I’ve decided to catch up old-school.  So, in the spirit of the blog’s past, here’s a quick round-up of some of the things we missed while I was away.  Come on in to see and hear Wye Oak, Telekinesis, St. Vincent, and more!

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Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls Cover Springsteen

The gang over at Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls sent me over their recent cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “4th of July Asbury Park (Sandy),” and I thought I’d pass it along to you.  The band has some special reason to perform this cover, as it includes Jason Federici, son of E. Street Band member Danny Federici.  It’s a great cover, and one of the songs that my Dad and I would definitely have listened to if he were here today.  Follow me to have a listen, and download the track:

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Recommended: Modern Tapes

Modern Tapes makes excellent post-punk/new wave music.  This is what I know for sure.  The band’s Facebook page also tells me: “MODERN TAPES formed in a bomb shelter in 2010. They played and recorded underground for almost a year. They used equipment left behind by a past generation.”  And there we are… quite the mysterious/romantic bio, no?  Fortunately, the gang at All Things Go brought the Tel Aviv-based band to light, and now we all get to enjoy them!

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The Head and The Heart Visit Daytrotter

Daytrotter continues the neverending onslaught of awesome with today’s The Head and The Heart session.  It’s a dynamic, energetic set from the Seattle band, and well worth checking out.  As Daytrotter puts it: “Seattle band The Head and the Heart lives for the lovely confusion of continuous misinterpretation of what it means when we feel certain things in the various spots where we feel them. They don’t let dreariness creep into the conversation, but rather they find that the shafts of golden light that stream into their eyes when they’re needing it most are signs that comprehension is overrated. There are places that are so familiar that they’re healing, in some way.”  Hear a bit, below, and find some links to other excellent performances.

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The Low Anthem Visit They Shoot Music…

Recently, The Low Anthem stopped by the awesome, Austrian site They Shoot Music Don’t They… to perform a version of “Ghost Woman Blues.”  The whole thing takes place outside by the Donaukanal, and it’s easy to see how the setting revisits the Providence, RI mill where they recorded Smart Flesh.  It’s a great, live performance, and you can check it out after the cut.  After that, why not visit They Shoot Music Don’t They… to check out more awesome sessions?  Today’s is Times New Viking, and we did a review of the site here.  Enjoy!