The Head and The Heart Visit Daytrotter

Daytrotter continues the neverending onslaught of awesome with today’s The Head and The Heart session.  It’s a dynamic, energetic set from the Seattle band, and well worth checking out.  As Daytrotter puts it: “Seattle band The Head and the Heart lives for the lovely confusion of continuous misinterpretation of what it means when we feel certain things in the various spots where we feel them. They don’t let dreariness creep into the conversation, but rather they find that the shafts of golden light that stream into their eyes when they’re needing it most are signs that comprehension is overrated. There are places that are so familiar that they’re healing, in some way.”  Hear a bit, below, and find some links to other excellent performances.

From the session, here’s “Sounds Like Hallelujah:”


If you liked that, please go check other the amazing The Head and The Heart Chapel Session over at Fuel/Friends.  And if you still want more, NPR’s got some video and audio from a KEXP performance.  Last, but not least, visit The Head and The Heart’s website for more information.

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