Other Stuff You Might Like: They Shoot Music – Don’t They

In the vein of other sites we’ve mentioned – Luxury Wafers, Daytrotter, and Black Cab SessionsThey Shoot Music – Don’t They is a Viennese site dedicated to bringing high-quality, impromptu performances by new and established artists to the masses.  Their mission, as they describe it, is a pretty simple one:

Why are you doing this?

1) We all feel strongly connected to sub culture in one way or another and we enjoy being productive.
2) We all agree with the fact that Vienna is a great town but also lacks fresh representation platforms when it comes to music scenes and media projects.  So we will tag the urban space of Vienna with soundscapes from indie artists and document that on our website. The combination of act and location is also meant as a guide for people who want to know more about relevant subcultural spots in Vienna.

The site features a wide-range of artists (see some after the cut), who are all chosen through a simple mechanism: “We have no strict guidelines for that [choosing]. If we like an artist we contact him or her. If the artist likes the idea of working with us we seal the deal and schedule a session.” The site features videos in Flash.  However, if you sign-up for a free account, you can view things in higher-quality divx.  And I highly recommend you do.  You can also visit them on Twitter and Last.fm.  But for now, let’s look at some of their excellent handiwork around Vienna:

Here’s Laura Gibson performing “Hands in Pockets” in Vienna’s Bookstore 777:

Here’s Au Revoir Simone performing “Take Me As I Am” in Rathauspark:

Next up is The Album Leaf with “Wherever I Go:”

And now, Vic Chesnutt and a powerful rendition of “Independence Day:”

Last of all, Tiny Vipers (seen above in the photo that began this article) and “Aron”

Head on over to They Shoot Music – Don’t They, and dig through their great archive of performances (there’s even a set of Scottish recordings).  I’m sure you’ll find something wonderful and surprising!

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