Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls Cover Springsteen

The gang over at Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls sent me over their recent cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “4th of July Asbury Park (Sandy),” and I thought I’d pass it along to you.  The band has some special reason to perform this cover, as it includes Jason Federici, son of E. Street Band member Danny Federici.  It’s a great cover, and one of the songs that my Dad and I would definitely have listened to if he were here today.  Follow me to have a listen, and download the track:

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Mountain Goats Cover Minutemen, Billy Bragg for Wisconsin Unions

Recent events in Wisconsin have prompted two members of the Mountain Goats – John Darnielle and Peter Hughes – to produce covers of pro-union songs.  First up was John Darnielle’s cover of Billy Bragg’s “Power in an Union.”  On the vimeo page, John writes:

Everybody knows I don’t generally do the acoustic guitar guy rocking political jams deal but as a former member of SEIU 660 & the California Association of Psychiatric Technicians & a kid who benefited from great teachers I wanted to spend tonight saying WE ARE ON YOUR SIDE xo jd

In response, Peter Hughes recorded a cover of “Themselves” by The Minutemen.  In the blog post where the cover first appeared, Peter writes:

Not exactly a union song per se, but a call to arms and the song that’s been in my head on continuous repeat for about the last two years.

Great stuff, and hopefully motivational.  Check them both out below:

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J. Tillman performs Neil Young’s “Tonight’s the Night” LP

Recently, J. Tillman recorded a great, ten-song set of covers from Neil Young’s Tonight’s the Night.  And thanks to the fine folks over at Aquarium Drunkard, you can hear it for free!  So, why wait?  Head on over and check it out.

News: Billy Bragg Covers Joanna Newsom for The Voice Project

We’ve mentioned The Voice Project before, and I’d really suggest you check out our previous post or visit their site.  That said, we’ve shown you videos from Peter Gabriel, Joseph Arthur, and Mike Mills.  In that Mike Mills video, we were treated to a cover of Billy Bragg’s “Sing Their Souls Back Home.”

And now, it’s Bragg’s turn to give us a cover of Joanna Newsom’s “On a Good Day.”  It’s a lovely, intimate version, and I won’t waste any more time by trying to render it in prose.  So, follow me, check it out, and then go visit the fine folks of The Voice Project:

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Preview: Peter Gabriel and Guy Garvey

From Peter Gabriel’s website comes word that Peter’s cover of the song “Mirrorball” by Elbow is now available as a single.  Also, Elbow’s Guy Garvey has put together a lovely, faithfully tender version of Peter’s excellent “Mercy Street.”  This is all part of the Scratch My Back work that Peter has been doing – and, about which, you can read our previous entry (the album’s there for preview, as well!).  So, follow me for a listen to these two covers, and to find some more useful information about the songs’ creation:

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