So, 2011… What happened there?

Hey, Everyone!  Well, as you might have noticed, the posts have been a bit scarce in the second half of 2011.  It’s been a rough year, honestly, and I’ve come pretty close to just throwing my hands up in the air, dropping everything, and running off to Alaska (Into the Wild style…).  Of course, being a bit of a lazy sod, I only got as far as dropping everything.  And now, here we are.  So, what happened?  And more importantly, what am I going to do about it?

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Things I Should’ve Mentioned…

It’s been a bit slow around here, huh?  Sorry about that!  I’ve been teaching three classes, working on a research project, and dealing with the Zombie Dissertation From Hell ™!  I really do want to be a good blogger again… honest.  But until that day, it’s time for a quick recap of some of the stuff that has gone whizzing by in my absence.  I hope you enjoy!

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First Listen: Björk – Biophilia

Björk‘s new album – Biophilia – is now available for your listening pleasure via NPR’s First Listen series.  The album, which is also available in the form of an interactive iPad/iPod app, is perhaps the artist’s most experimental work to date.  Not known for her shyness in the face of technology, Björk has created an immersive multimedia experience for Biophilia.

Here’s how the folks at NPR describe the album’s background: “Björk’s latest and most ambitious project yet, began as a collection of songs written around themes of nature, science and humanity’s relationships to both. For most artists, that’d be a lofty enough concept on its own. But Björk heavily researched astrophysics, string theory, neurology, biology and other areas where science and music meet.”

With a description like that, and a personality like Björk, there can be no doubt that you’re in for a treat.  So, head on over to NPR and have a listenBiophilia will be released on October 11th.

Message to Bears Starts Fundraiser for New LP

Our friends over at Message to Bears have sent word about their attempt to raise money for their new album – Folding Leaves – via IndieGoGo, and so we thought we’d pass it along to you.  The band is hoping to raise about $4,000 for their new album (on Dead Pilot Records), and seems to be about halfway there.  We’ve written before about Message to Bears, and would be very happy to see the band come through with another record.  So, if you’re curious, check out that IndieGoGo page, or watch the pitch below before deciding!

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Deer Tick Release New Single ‘Miss K’

Providence’s own Deer Tick have released a new single – ‘Miss K’ – in anticipation of the October 25th release of Divine Providence.  The track is a love letter to Miss K, and to the beauty and complications of changing relationships.  With a sound palette that recalls beach boardwalk bars, and a chorus that practically forces you to sing along… well, this might be the last great gasp of this year’s Summer driving music, and the first sounds of an exciting release to come!  Follow me to have a listen (and grab a free copy):

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