Things I Should’ve Mentioned…

Hi, everyone!  Well, I’m back from Scotland.  And even though I’m not yet an immortal, I still had a pretty great trip (including my very first taste of haggis).  Naturally, of course, there’s lots of great stuff to catch up on… So, why not come and join me for a recap of things that happened while I was away?

Another great Peter Gabriel cover has emerged.  This time, it’s David Byrne doing “I Don’t Remember,” and Peter covering “Listening Wind:” [link]

Speaking of covers, Beck and Thurston Moore have done Yanni: [link]

Also on the cover front, Passion Pit give us a version of Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight” [link]

Speaking of the Pumpkins, here’s Billy Corgan on the latest line-up: [link]

And thanks to Kristin Burns, here’s what that line-up looks like in action: [link]

On the new music front, here’s Best Coast’s “Boyfriend:” [link]

Also on the new music front, another wonderful track – “You Are My Sun” – from Sun Kil Moon: [link]

Hear “Arrow” from Kathryn Calder’s new Are You My Mother? [link]

Fuel/Friends has an awesome demo version of “Good Advices” from R.E.M.’s forthcoming Fables of the Reconstruction re-release: [link]

Nine Inch Nails will be providing the score for David Fincher’s The Social Network: [link]

And finally, here’s a video for Ólöf Arnalds’ cover of Arthur Russell’s “Close My Eyes.”  Read more about her in our previous post, and here:

Ólöf Arnalds – Close My Eyes (Arthur Russell cover) from on Vimeo.

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