Things I Should’ve Mentioned…

Hi, everyone!  Welcome to the first entry in our very own “news round-up” series.  A lot of things seem to happen that are difficult to expand into a full-on article, but remain worth pointing out just the same.  And seeing as my rapidly ending Ph.D. program really intensifies the problem, I thought that this might be a nice way to capture some of those stray articles that seem to be piling up.  So, follow me, and I’ll show you news from Stars, The Vaselines, David Byrne, and more!

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Now Playing: April 12th, 2010

It’s months like this that I’m really thankful for all the excellent music blogs out there that keep me well-stocked with new and interesting things.  From Slowcoustic to The Yellow Stereo, Stereogum to Gorilla vs. Bear, I really am spoiled for choice.  I’m also still digging my way through those excellent shows over at KEXP and Wolfgang’s Concert Vault.  All in all, it’s been a great couple of weeks for music!  And so, in this slightly shorter edition of “Now Playing,” I’ll pass on some of the great things that have come my way.  Let’s begin!

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