Things I Should’ve Mentioned…

It’s been a bit slow around here, huh?  Sorry about that!  I’ve been teaching three classes, working on a research project, and dealing with the Zombie Dissertation From Hell ™!  I really do want to be a good blogger again… honest.  But until that day, it’s time for a quick recap of some of the stuff that has gone whizzing by in my absence.  I hope you enjoy!

Recently, John Darnielle took to Twitter to give us a new Mountain Goats song in the form of the excellent, lo-fi “Thucydides II-58.”  You can read a bit about the track here, and listen to it right here:

[audio:|titles=thucydides-II-58]  Download

Seriously excited to read that Mazzy Star are planning to record a new album, and then to tour that album, in 2012!  They’ve released a new, Double-A-side single “Common Burn/Lay Myself Down,” which is out now.  Hear the tracks below:

Here’s “Common Burn:”

And here’s “Lay Myself Down:”

My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless turned 20 this month.  Here’s a bit about the anniversary from Stereogum, and a little bit from Wired.

Also, “Stairway to Heaven” turns 40, today.  No word on whether or not a suspension of the “No Stairway” rule is in order.  [via Stereogum]

Q magazine’s December issue features a tribute to U2’s Achtung Baby, and a number of the tracks have appeared online.  I came across my personal favorite over on Fuel/Friends in the form of this amazing cover of “One” by Damien Rice:

[audio:|titles=One-U2]  Download

You can hear some of the other covers by Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, and The Killers over on Consequence of Sound.

The special edition of Sigur Rós’ new DVD Inni features previously unreleased track “Lúppulagið,” which will make you miss this band even more.  The DVD’s out on 11/15 in America, and you can hear the track here:

Orbital have also recently resurfaced with “Never,” their first track since 2004’s Blue Album.  The video is a nice ride through London, which makes me feel oddly nostalgic for my old stomping grounds:

Grab “Never” for yourself.

Also, R.E.M. recently released two versions of the video for “We All Go Back To Where We Belong,” which is among the last of the material from their post-Collapse Into Now recording sessions.  The song is available on the greatest hits compilation Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage 1982-2011Read more about the videos here, and watch them below.

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