Mailbag: Delta Rae: “Bottom of the River”

Delta Rae is a North Carolina band with four lead singers, and a whole mess of harmonies.  Their sound fuses Americana, Blues, Gospel, and Rock, and it comes at you like a freight train.  In their new, Halloween-friendly single, “Bottom of the River” (video and free download below), the band creates an enormous sound that combines layered harmonies and driving, bodily percussion.  The result is an earthy track that feels, fittingly enough, like a spell being cast.

The video for “Bottom of the River” is an excellent callback to the tradition of videos like “Thriller.”  With its carefully choreographed dancing, character and plot development, and overall narrative flow, it’s clear that this is a video that was meant to do far more than just advertise a band.  This is a video that wants to pull you in to the world of the song, and, in so doing, provide a real experience.  It’s awesome, and the band should definitely be proud of the result.

Having spent most of the year touring, Delta Rae is planning on releasing a full-length in Spring 2012, and I’m definitely putting it on my watch list for the New Year.  In the meantime, you can visit them on their website, Facebook, and YouTube.

Here’s that video of “Bottom of the River:”

And here’s a download of the extended version of “Bottom of the River:”


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