First Listen: Okkervil River – I Am Very Far

Okkervil River‘s I Am Very Far is one of those albums that I’ve been looking forward to, this year, and now I’m happy to report that NPR has it up for listening.  The album is available through their First Listen series, and can be enjoyed until its release on May 10th.  So, head on over, and check it out.  Enjoy!

Other Stuff You Might Like: La Blogotheque

Many of the sites I’ve featured in the “Other Stuff You Might Like” series have a common thread: excellent, impromptu concerts by established and upcoming musicians.  We’ve looked at Luxury Wafers, Black Cab Sessions, They Shoot Music – Don’t They, and NPR Music.  (And I’m sure to get around to Daytrotter before too long…)  Now, from France, we’ve got the excellent blog La Blogotheque, and its excellent Take-Away Shows (or, if you prefer, Les Concerts à Emporter).  The site’s catalog of artists is truly amazing, as are the performances, and so I invite you to come have a look…

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