Preview: Peter Gabriel and Guy Garvey

From Peter Gabriel’s website comes word that Peter’s cover of the song “Mirrorball” by Elbow is now available as a single.  Also, Elbow’s Guy Garvey has put together a lovely, faithfully tender version of Peter’s excellent “Mercy Street.”  This is all part of the Scratch My Back work that Peter has been doing – and, about which, you can read our previous entry (the album’s there for preview, as well!).  So, follow me for a listen to these two covers, and to find some more useful information about the songs’ creation:

First off, here are the tracks:

Peter Gabriel – Elbow by RealWorldRecords

Here’s a video about the making of these two tracks.  You can also learn more about the Scratch My Back project from these podcasts.

And lastly, just because I love it, here’s a great version of “Mercy Street” from Peter’s “Growing Up” tour:

(Editor’s Note: I’m cobbling this together on a wounded laptop (now, without the letter [a]).  So, if you find any curious inventions of orthography… well, that’s why.  All will be well, soon!)

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