Music for a Rainy Day: Saintseneca – Last

Saintseneca is a band of lifelong friends from Columbus, Ohio who write songs that move easily from tender to frenetic and back again.  With pop-folk songs built on traditional, Appalachian instruments (banjos, fiddles, dulcimers, and “other forms of frontporch percussion”), Saintseneca’s sound is both modern and traditional. And mesmerizing, at times… it wouldn’t do to not mention that their new album – Last – is an impressive blast of hungry, vigorous, even anthemic pop-folk.  It’s awesome, and you should definitely follow me for more information…

From Last‘s opening track – “Acid Rain” (available below) – it’s clear that Saintseneca, in its quieter moments, is barely containing its capacity for raucous joy.  The band’s use of bodily percussion gives the track a feeling of a late-night jam out in the country, which enhances the charm of the album immensely.  Indeed, one of the great things about Last, especially now, is the way it feels connected to the natural world.  As the season turns breezy over here, and the leaves fall down hard, this is the album you want to take on a drive through the country.

Tracks like “Shipwrecked” feel like the intersection of The Low Anthem and Fleet Foxes, in that they combine steadily building, tight harmonies with the folk instruments of their mid-western background.  And yet, for all that expanse of sound, there’s an innocence to Saintseneca’s music.  In the tradition of most great albums, Last feels like songs that are being played out of love, and not out of greed.

But don’t take my word for it!  Have a listen for yourself!  And if you like what you hear, think about picking up the album at Bandcamp or Mama Bird Recording Co., or consider visiting the band on Facebook or Tumblr.  So, with all that said, here’s Last:

And here’s that copy of “Acid Rain:”

[audio:|titles=01 Acid Rain]  Download

Also, bonus!  Here’s two videos of the band at work:

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