Music for a Rainy Day: Mondrian

Mondrian are a band from Paris who sing in English, make surreal videos, and dabble in styles that range from ’60s-’70s California pop to Folk to hints of Synthpop.  That’s the nutshell version, but, honestly, these labels fail to capture the varied sounds of Mondrian’s first EP: Pop Shop, or the quirkiness of their visual style.

Truth be told, Mondrian are still a bit of a mystery to me.  Their e-mail asked for a minute to listen to their song “A Kiss A Day,” and a few minutes to watch some videos.  While the song was pleasing, it’s the videos (seen below) that convinced me that something interesting was going on with the band.  While Mondrian’s musicality is sound, they’re clearly just as interested in the visual aspect of their music.  At times, these visuals are aggressively off-putting or surreal, but – nonetheless – they’re compelling.

If you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, but perfect for an afternoon around the house (or a low-key evening out), then check out some Mondrian.

Here’s “A Kiss A Day:”

MONDRIAN – A kiss a day by MONDRIAN

Here’s Pop Shop:

Here’s the video for “Last Breakfast on Planet Surf:”

Here’s the video for “Beware! The Killer!:”

Finally, here’s the video for “Love, a Collision:”

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