Music for a Rainy Day: The Girls from the North Country

The Girls from the North Country are a pair of Parisian singer-songwriters – Paloma Gil and Louise Hayat (also of Black Ivy)- that I came across over at Live at Carlone’s when researching some other entries.  Their cover of Ryan Adams’ “Oh My Sweet Carolina” was so awesome, however, that I had to abandon all research and write this post.  (And given how scarce I’ve been around here, you know it’s gotta be good…)

The Girls’ cover immediately grabs you with its rich, warm harmonies, as well as its unexpected gravity.  Paloma and Louise sing with an earnestness that feels well beyond their young years.  Indeed, in Louise’s captivating “Sail Every Sea!” (also below), the pair produce such a depth of atmosphere and feeling that it’s hard to remember that these songs are the work of a young singer-songwriter.

Why not come have a listen and see for yourself?

Here’s The Girls from the North Country performing Ryan Adams’ “Oh My Sweet Carolina:”

And here’s Louise Hayat’s “Sail Every Sea!”

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  1. Louise and Paloma are awesome. Amazing voices. Few years ago I’ve stumble on Paloma Gil on you tube. I was captured instantly by her voice. And Louise, I discover her later. And yes she’s special too.

    Together they are amazing…

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