On Vacation!

Hey, everyone!  I’m heading up North to Scotland for a week of relaxation, hiking, ceilidh dancing, and, naturally, discovering immortality after being stabbed, left for dead, and then awoken by the world’s only Scottish Spaniard.  So, as you can imagine, it’s a full week.

But never fear!  While you won’t have me to feed you little bits of things, you’ll have plenty to keep you covered.

On the music front, check out any of the excellent links in the sidebar.  I’m sure you’ll be well-supplied with awesomeness.  Oh, and I’ve actually got a news tidbit left over from that last news post, too.  Check out Tired Pony’s new song “Point Me at Lost Islands” (we mentioned them back in May).

On the ego front, you could always settle in with the world’s least exciting podcast: Generation Goat.  (Our most recent episode is here.)

Finally, my good friend Chris is relaunching his Geek Force Five this month!  I’m sure it’s going to be great, and you’ll get all the geekery you could possibly need each day.  So, stop by, and check it out!

And even though (or maybe because) it’s not the sort of thing we tend have on Shh, Listen…, here’s the wonderful Dougie MacLean to get us (or just me) in the right mood for Scotland:

Have a great week!

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