Pomplamoose: Tribute to Famous People

My good friend Chris of Geek Force Five first turned me on to Pomplamoose, and I’ve really come to dig their quirky, creative covers of various popular songs.  Pomplamoose is a collaboration between Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte who, together, represent the astounding power of retro love, musical innovation, and YouTube.  They approach all of their videos – which show you every thing that’s actually being heard, without trickery – with a sense of humor that tells you that, in another life (or perhaps in this one), they would be karaoke legends to tell your grandchildren about.  But more than this, their immense popularity on YouTube seems to speak to a wave of nostalgia and the re-emergence of pop as a force in our society.  Whatever your take, you’re sure to be amazed.

You can hear some of their songs on their myspace page (as well buy t-shirts and find links to their stuff on iTunes), but the best way to experience their music is by watching their videos, and seeing that goofy – at times, almost embarrassed – playfulness in their studio/apartment.  Here’s a free cover of Mrs. Robinson, and a couple of videos.  Enjoy!

[audio:https://www.shh-listen.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/MrsRobinson.mp3|titles=Pomplamoose – Mrs. Robinson]  Download

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