Elephant Micah: Echoer’s Intent

This one’s literally brand new for me.  I learned about Elephant Micah from the excellent write-up over at You Crazy Dreamers.  Elephant Micah is actually Joseph O’Connell, an Indiana singer/songwriter.  His work reminds me of We/Or/Me (see my post here), Nick Drake, or even Great Lake Swimmers, as it has a depth of feeling that is immediately apparent.  There is an unassuming, natural quality to the vocals on “Loon Call” (from the newly available “Echoer’s Intent“) that speaks to a stillness of soul and purpose.  It’s the sort of music that makes you sit up, take notice, and then take stock.

Have a listen to “Loon Call” here, and then go read that excellent post at You Crazy Dreamers.  And if you get the chance, stop and see him on one of these tour dates.  Enjoy!

[audio:https://www.shh-listen.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Loon-Call.mp3|titles=Loon Call]  Download

And if you want a little more… here’s a post from Slowcoustic with a bunch more tracks to listen to!

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