New Music: Best Coast – “When I’m With You”

If Earth Day reminds us of anything (oh, yeah, it’s Di’s birthday.  Hi, Di!), then it reminds us that every living thing needs love and sunshine.  And if we can add to that, then fun is definitely right up there on the list.  In the depths of deepest, darkest, dissertation-induced fits of alliteration and sadness, I need all three.  Thank goodness, then, for Best Coast!  Bethany Cosentino’s fuzz-driving, haze-inducing outfit from California delivers hints of lazy Summer days, and better times to come.  Surf guitars, summer breezes, and an ocean of distortion to splash around in.  What could be better, right?

So, follow me to check out a video featuring Ronald McDonald, cats, the beach, and, yes Donny, the In-N-Out Burger.  Then, check out their myspace page for more songs.  Last, if you want to know more, there’s a nice interview over at Fact Mag:

Here’s the Video for “When I’m With You.”

You can download the song here.

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