New Music: That Ghost

While researching that most recent Friday Night Videos post, I came across That Ghost.  I honestly have no idea how it happened, but I’m so glad that it did.  The music is remarkably eclectic in style and mood, but all similarly – and comfortingly – low-fi.  From the sleepy sounds of “Going Out When It’s Warm At Night” (video below) – which answers the question “Hey! What if Hope Sandoval were a boy?” – to the jangly, fuzzy, help-the-70s-have-exploded-in-my-iPod sounds of “The Red Bow” and “Never Have Fun,” That Ghost knows how to take you places.   The sounds remind me of his native California… or, rather, the California of movies and dreams.  There’s a slackness to the sound – but not the writing – that exudes the languidness that one would expect to find on some imaginary beach, as the sun drifts lazily over boys and girls at play.

You can check out That Ghost on his myspace page, or find some of his releases at Twosyllable Records.  There’s also an excellent interview/podcast over at The Bay Bridged that’s well worth checking out.  But for now, you can follow me for a couple of free tracks and a video:

Courtesy of The Bay Bridged, here’s “The Red Bow” (from the Get It and Get Out EP):

[audio:|titles=The Red Bow]  Download

And here’s “Your Backs” (from the Never Have Fun 7″):

[audio:|titles=Your Backs]  Download

Here’s the video for “Going Out When It’s Warm At Night.”  Does it remind anyone else of this video?

Going Out When It’s Warm At Night – That Ghost from LOWER EAST AGE on Vimeo.

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