New Music: Doug Burr – O Ye Devastator

Today, I’m sinking into some more new music while working on my dissertation.  By far the best of it is from Doug Burr, and he comes to me courtesy of You Crazy Dreamers.  The track in question is “Red, Red” from his forthcoming O Ye Devastator album (out May 4th on Spune).  This is actually Doug’s third album, but it’s entirely new to me.  But after just a few listens through of the player on his site (seen below), I’m hooked.  The songs have an earnest, thoughtful quality, but never stray into self-indulgent territory.  Instead, they feel dusty… even, grimy at times… and bear all the impressions of a life spent “out there” somewhere, where the sky and the land meet to watch trucks rumble through the night. (One presumes that this is an entirely different place than where the ocean meets the sky.)

So, if you’re looking to sink into some great – at times dreamy, at other times rockin’ – folk/Americana from straight out of Texas, then look no further than the end of this article.  I’m sure that the songs will charm you with their sincerity and thoughtfulness, and your day will be a lot better for it.

You can also find more of Doug’s music on his myspace page (I especially recommend “Graniteville”), and his page on Spune.

First up, here’s “Red, Red.”  You can download it here, or copy it to your own page:

Next up is a player from Doug’s site. You can hear a lot of his music here, and get some other useful info from the player:

Get this player from Fairtilizer!

And because some people prefer moving pictures, here are a couple of fine videos for you to enjoy!

First up is “Should’ve Known:”

And the next video is for “Slow Southern Home.” Doug’s Myspace Page tells it like this: “Dallas Observer blog “DC9 at Night” records Doug and Glen in a bathroom…at SPACE, a photography studio in Deep Ellum…”

2 thoughts on “New Music: Doug Burr – O Ye Devastator”

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by! The music’s working great, and I definitely appreciate it. 🙂 My dissertation is… well, it’s about a lot of things. In theory, I’m doing a Ph.D. in English. So, in brief, I’ve taken the idea of “Self as Brand,” and mixed that with biography/historiography. So, more or less, I’m looking at what happens when we think about people/things from the past as Brands, and chart their progress in those terms. (My subject for this experiment is England’s first printer in English: William Caxton.)

      Or, instead, I’m currently engaged in the kind of self-indulgent, nearly useless fluff that you can only get away with when you’re a postgrad. 😉

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