Iron & Wine Visits Daytrotter

This week, Daytrotter released a lovely session with Iron & Wine, which you can listen to as well as watch.  Of the music, they write:

He takes the fog right out of us, counteracts our insecurities with the beautifully hushed uncertainty. It’s as if he has a way of gathering up all of the bumps in the night, all of the fire light and all of the tender touches of a young mother or father, of a dying grandmother or grandfather and bringing them all into the picture to put us at ease. It’s as if all of the things that we’ve ever feared in our lives – bringing life into the world, growing older and passing out of the world we lucked into, and all of the craziness in the whirlwind in between – are summed up in Iron & Wine songs, distilled into his leafy version of silence and love and shown to us in a way that makes them more enchanting than scary.

How could you not use a little more of that in your day?  So, have a listen – and then watch the session!

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