Other Stuff You Might Like: Live and Breathing

Continuing our series of excellent websites that serve up live, impromptu music sessions, I bring you Live and Breathing.  The site’s Co-founder, Justin Glanville, describes the site’s mission: “We formed this company because our own lives are inspired so deeply by music, and because we want to create a platform for these hard-working artists to get their music out into the world (and maybe to help fill their gas tanks along the way).”  It’s a noble mission, and a site well worth visiting.  Let’s take a look…

Glanville describes the methodology behind the site as one of intimacy and purity:

And so we find ourselves, with equipment in hand, wherever the music takes us; in between the weathered walls of a barn, a pump-house in the middle of the woods, the basement of a haunted train station, a friends living room, or sometimes just a kitchen table. It is in these unique spaces where each recording session sets a different stage for the artist, one where the audience they play for is themselves. Our philosophy is to bring you this music in its most raw, honest and unadulterated form…music that is Live and Breathing.

The result of this are excellent, high-quality recordings of rising artists, and a site that captures the thrilling experience of discovery, as well as the beauty of music heard in private.  Here, then, are some of my favorite recordings from the site.  I strongly encourage you to visit Live and Breathing to see more, and to become a part of the excellent community they are building.

And remember: The site delivers new music every Tuesday!

Here’s The Deep Dark Woods and “Farewell:”

Here’s Breathe Owl Breathe and “Lake Light:”

And here’s Megafaun with “Worried Mind:”




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