Treetop Flyers: “To Bury the Past” EP

Treetop Flyers fell right out of the blue on me.  Honestly, I’m not even sure how I found them.  But I’m really glad that I did!  I will say is that I’m beyond surprised.  I mean, just look at those guys.  Where would you say they’re from?  You might have listened to their EP (freely available for preview on, and purchase on iTunes) – To Bury the Past – and thought, as Artrocker did in September 2009, that “They can all certainly sing and play as if they were raised on the Mississippi Delta, plucking sounds from the ether atop a dusty porch.”

Imagine how you’d feel to learn they’re from London.  Then, you can finally soak in the relief of realizing that singer Reid Morrison and drummer Tomer Danan are Americans who have come to London.  Phew!  Still, it’s the last place you’d expect to find a band that exudes so much Americana.  I mean, heck, as a prisoner student on this island, I’m still dismayed by the fact that I can’t even find any decent barbecue.  (Oh, Redbones, how I miss you!)  To find music that recalls so many of the AM/FM classics of my childhood here… well, it’s wonderful and astonishing.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?  You can read an interview with singer Reid Morrison over at The Daily Growl, and hear more on their myspace page.  I’ve put the 70s-esque “Mountain Song” after the cut, along with a live video.  Enjoy!

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