New Music: How to Destroy Angels – Free EP!

Today, June 1st, How to Destroy Angels is releasing its debut EP for free download.  We’ve mentioned them here before, but now we’ve got “The Believers” (which, hey, is automatically awesome for sampling Galaga) for immediate download.  And just below this sentence, you can sign-up to download the whole EP for free.  So, get to it, and enjoy!

See the video for “The Space in Between” after the jump:

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New Music: How to Destroy Angels – “A Drowning”

A little bit behind on this, but I wanted to share the new How to Destroy Angels single – “A Drowning” – with you.  How to Destroy Angels is the new project from Trent Reznor, in collaboration with his wife, Mariqueen Maandig, and represents the first post-NIN music he has produced.  In fact, the duo have produced an eponymous EP that will be out this Summer.  As for “A Drowning,” the Alan Moulder-produced track reminds me of the best moments of The Downward Spiral (mixed, in fact, by Moulder), or earlier NIN work, in that it has a tightness of focus and composition that seems to reflect a genuine, hungering sense of purpose.  Personally, I’m very excited for the EP, as I can feel that this track is just a ripple of thunder before the real storm begins…

Also, courtesy of TwentyFourBit, here’s a possible track listing:

01  The Space In Between (3:34)
02  Parasite (5:04)
03  Fur-Lined (4:00)
04  BBB (3:31)
05  The Believers (5:35)
06  A Drowning (7:13)

You can check out How to Destroy Angels on their website and myspace. Come have a listen!

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