New Music: Fisticuffs – “Would You” (Single)

Fisticuffs is Jordan Kurtz: former drummer for Saskatoon band We Were Lovers, pianist and vocalist of Saskatoon’s Tuxedo Mask, and sometime drummer for his brother Scott Kurtz in Boycott Scott.  He is, as The Sheaf notes, “one busy dude.”  He is also the writer of excellent songs like “Would You,” which is the harbinger of an in-progress EP from the band.

In addition to Kurtz, the single features a number of other musicians on trumpet, bells, drums, mellotron, and a few other sundry instruments.  The effect of all these talented musicians playing together is a single that contains beautiful harmonies, and an atmosphere that moves between quiet introspection and a driving desire to move forward.  It’s quite a span for the six-minute track, but never one that feels contrived or false.

It is, indeed, a refreshing work from a talented singer-songwriter, and one that I think you should hear immediately.  So, just follow me for that…

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