Other Stuff You Might Like: Black Cab Sessions

When I was much younger, I used to enjoy riding around in my car and playing (performing) music with my friends.  I think this might be something that many people in high school bands go through, and it certainly was great fun.  Since then, I’ve loved finding clips of people playing in their bedrooms, basements, cars, etc.  Small club shows are great, but there’s nothing quite like the immediacy of performing in a strange place (parties count, too, I’d imagine).  So, it’s a great pleasure to stumble across Black Cab Sessions.  The site’s motto is “One Song. One Take. One Cab,” and that’s exactly what you’ll get.  From Bon Iver to Dawn Landes to Fleet Foxes, the site features great musicians riding around and improvising around their songs.  Go have a look!

You can see one of my favorite clips after the cut:

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New Video: Au Revoir Simone – “Another Likely Story”

From their twitter page comes the news that the world’s most adorable keyboard trio – Au Revoir Simone – has released a video for “Another Likely Story.”  The video was shot in New York and is directed by Christopher Kucinski.  In keeping with the fashion of their other videos (Fallen Snow, for example), the video features the trio hanging out and playfully enjoying their own company.  If you’re in need of just a bit more lightness in your day, then have a listen!

After that, you might want to head over to Daytrotter for three more songs that you can download for free.

Laura Gibson – Daytrotter Session

I’m sure that it’s one of the more common adjectives to describe Laura Gibson, but, nonetheless, there’s something truly haunting about this Oregonian’s music.  From her debut album If You Come to Greet Me to her superb 2009 effort Beasts of Seasons, Laura has kept me enthralled with each new track.  With its complex depth of emotions, hers is the perfect sort of music to slide into on a lazy Winter’s afternoon, or whenever else you’re feeling contemplative.

Imagine, then, my immense delight at discovering that Daytrotter has posted a collection of six live tracks for listening and download.   You can also find her original session there – with five more tracks to listen to and download.

P.S. While looking for a photo, I came across this unusual live version of “Spirited.”  Check it out.