Here Comes “The Flood”

Hi Everyone,

Today, in the form of Here Comes the Flood, I launched the first part of my plan to return to regular music blogging.  The site is based on a very simple premise: I get way too much stuff.  This is, of course, a wonderful problem to have.

And yet, it’s still a bit of a problem.  So, every week (on Saturdays, beginning with 12/29), I’m going to post 15 new bands for you to look through.  The plan is to keep it simple: a photo, a bit of press for context, and something to listen to.  The nifty part is that you get to vote (see the little stars below each post) on how well you liked it.  The things that get the most votes, each week, will migrate over here and get an expanded write-up.

I really like this idea because it lets me give you access to my sources.  It also lets you help to shape this site that we’re all sharing. 🙂

That said, there will be a lot of regular blogging here – independent of “The Flood.”  Even so, hopefully you’ll find this a really neat experiment.  I know I do!  So, head over, and let me know what you think.