First Listen: New Songs from Katie Davis

Photo by: David Speranza
Photo by: David Speranza

Friend of the blog, past feature, and all-around excellent singer-songwriter Katie Davis has released three new songs via YouTube, and you lucky devils can hear them after the jump.  The songs are currently in the form of home recordings which feature just Katie and her guitar.  The result is three wonderfully intimate recordings that feel both confessional and cathartic, with a haunting quality that remains long after the songs have ended.

There’s also an autumnal quality to these songs, as both “The Weather” and “It’s You” feature the leaves falling.  But there’s also something in the way that “You Made a Fire” – with its themes of uncertainty and reflection – feels like the turning of a season of the heart. It’s hard not feel that these songs are connected, at times, and that the “you” that features in all three is the focus of a much larger story.  And while “You Made a Fire” seems to focus on a moment of gentle indecision, and the fear that falling for someone can cause, “It’s You” feels like we’ve come after that story has ended. Indeed, the melancholy in Katie’s “Do you miss me?” has a visceral quality that reminds me of those windy, cool days of late autumn that fall heavy and silent with nostalgia.

And yet, despite this hint of sadness, there’s so much light in Katie’s earnest delivery (not to mention the videos themselves) that it’s hard not to walk away from these songs feeling hopeful and restored.  I, for one, am excited to see more music from Katie Davis, and I think you should be, too.  Have a listen to the three new songs, below, and then visit Katie on her website, Facebook, or Bandcamp.

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