Mailbag: Chris Kiehne – Pray for Daylight

Chris Kiehne’s Pray For Daylight is a mesmerizing, almost-lost album full of exquisite harmonies (provided by the excellent Sonya Cotton) and wispy threads of literate, Americana-tinged folk.  It’s an album that – despite its hard-luck history – has a freshness that speaks volumes about its talented creators and their passion for this project.  At least, that’s my take.  Here’s what Chris has to say: “It’s about zombies and love and other gross stuff, and Sonya sings harmony through its entirety.”  Of course, there’s more to that story…but how can you pass up zombies?

As Chris explains:

The album…, “Pray For Daylight,” was recorded early in 2007, with Sonya.  It was meant to be one of a loose triptych of albums released in sucession, along with the National Lights’ “The Dead Will Walk, Dear,” and Sonya Cotton’s “Out Of The Ocean,” all of which I produced and arranged.  And both of which I think you’d really enjoy!

Anyway.  Those two records were finished, but I sadly lost half of mine in a hard-drive crash.   Didn’t see that one coming!  Anyway.  At the time, I decided to abandon it and just look towards future projects.

And then, this winter, between projects, my current band and I decided to re-record the lost-half.  So, here it is!

I, for one, am really glad that Chris and the band decided to go back and finish this wonderful album.  For fans of bands like Iron and Wine, you’ll find something familiar here (particularly in “Phaedo”).  For those that like bands like The Low Anthem, you’ll find a friend in “Pray for Daylight.”  And for all that love expertly crafted folk music, this album is the friend we’ve been dying to meet.

Chris is offering the album for free via mediafire, and you can learn more about Chris and his music by visiting Bandcamp or Myspace.  You can also listen to the whole thing, right here, by clicking below… Enjoy!


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