Mailbag: Andrew Malo – Wait For Miles

Andrew Malo’s second album – Wait For Miles – is a real gem of an indie-folk/country album.  There are hints of Tom Waits in songs like “Hotels,” and traces of early M. Ward in numerous tracks, but the real star here is Andrew himself.  The songs have a true intimacy, and are almost hypnotizing as they slowly unfold.  And while the production is high-quality, the album itself has a decidedly lo-fi atmosphere that bristles and shines with rich textures.  The result is a remarkably chill album that’s well worth a look.

Here’s how Andrew describes the record:

It was in that cute and lonely country [Japan] that he returned from sabbatical and started writing, recording, and developing the oddly natural drunken-style now prominent in his music (odd because he doesn’t touch alcohol).

The time to return to Chicago came, and “Malosan,” once again, became Mr. Malo as a Kindergarten teacher in the public school system. But this time everything is different for Mr. Malo.  Because he is Andrew Malo.

Now we come to Wait For Miles – his second release – recorded in the secret rooms of Japan and Chicago – featuring refined instrumentals and songs about nostalgia, coffee, cigars, people, and a strong longing for a Honda Super Cub.

Wait For Miles is an exceptional release, and I think you should all head over and check out Andrew’s music on his website.  You’ll be very glad you did!

To get you started, here are “Walking” and “Wait For Miles:”



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