Mailbag: He and Him – At the Foot of Mount Tabor

Honestly, is there anything better than getting great, free music in the mail?  Such is the question I’ve been asking all evening, as I sit and listen to He and Him‘s delightful At the Foot of Mount Tabor.  He and Him is a recent collaboration between Douglas Jenkins (Portland Cello Project) and David Shultz (David Shultz and the Skyline).  The music is a rich combination of acoustic guitar, cello, and a warm baritone vocal.  The kind of sound that reminds you of Summer evenings – those simpler times, perhaps out on the porch, with friends and fireflies.  In a nutshell, if you’re feeling a little out of place, it’s almost certainly “just what the doctor ordered.”

Follow me to read more, and hear the music:

He and Him describe their music this way:

Douglas Jenkins (Portland Cello Project), and David Shultz recorded three songs in Doug’s living room.

David and Doug met less than a year ago during a 6 week trip around the US with Thao W/ The Get Down Stay Down. They immediately bonded over their ability to endure a never ending series of podcasts.

The boys created a lovely version of Paul Simon’s “Graceland” in the stairwell of some club, and they played the song during some of David’s sets. Doug wrote parts to a couple of David’s originals as well, and it became apparent that collaboration between the two was an easy, productive, and enjoyable task to take on. Meanwhile, during the Portland Cello Project’s set every night, David watched and wondered what it might be like to play with several cellos at once.

Turns out it’s an amazing thing to play with the Portland Cello Project, which David found out in March of 2010. Doug invited David out to Portland for a Great North West tour of the lovely Mcmennamin’s establishments. During an off day, the boys recorded these three songs. While Doug was mixing the songs, David went to buy some craft supplies and blank CDs. A tour EP was born.

Is there more to come from these two long-distant pals? One word: probably.

Honestly, I hope that ‘probably’ soon turns into ‘definitely.’  After listening to this, I know you will, too:

The album is available for free download on the duo’s bandcamp page.

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