Mix-Tape Monday: Still Raining in New England…

In most of the past ten years, we haven’t really had Spring in New England.  This year, I think, is the year that Mother Nature intends to make up for all that, as we’re having buckets and buckets of rain.  And so, while walking in the woods, today, I thought it was only fit to throw together a mix of things that feel Spring-like to me.  There are songs by Chris Kiehne, Fleet Foxes, Cowboy Junkies, and more.  I hope you’ll enjoy…

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Mix-Tape Monday: The Spring Thaw Mix

With the days finally getting warm, and all that Spring rain coming down, it’s not surprising that another “Spring mix” has come.  This mix is meant for driving… now that the days are getting longer, and everything’s coming alive again, what could be better than a long drive with eminently-singable music?  Here’s a mix of things that make me think of those long, aimless drives… past and present… I hope you like it!  (And yes, those are The B-52’s.  I feel no shame in this.)

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Mix-Tape Monday: Evening in Vermont

Last week, I went up to Vermont for a few days with my girlfriend, and we spent a fair amount of time driving all over the Northern part of the state.  In amidst all those vast snowy landscapes, pine trees, and frozen ponds, we got to enjoy a lot of long, music-filled drives.  Which leads me to this week’s mix…

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Mix-Tape Monday Jams Econo (revised)

This one’s a good one.  Literally, the one that started it all for me.  I’ve written about The Mix before on my other site (returning soon!).  It’s full of amazing punk, post-punk, British new wave, and all the quirky Alternative a guy could need to build a life on.  I know this, because I have.  And now, it’s yours to enjoy!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I hope you’re all having a wonderful day full of good music, fun, friends, and plentiful helpings of food!  As in previous years, I’ve put together a little mix to help make the day a little more festive.  This time, I tried to concentrate on those songs that remind me of spending time with my family and friends… and some that remind me of specific places in Ireland.  I hope you’ll find it entertaining!

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