Au Revoir Simone – Daytrotter Session

Readers of this site might notice that I mention Au Revoir Simone now and again (and again).  They might also notice that I love me some Daytrotter.  Imagine, therefore, my immense pleasure at bringing you the news that Au Revoir Simone stopped by Daytrotter for a second session (the first one’s here), and that it’s ready for your listening pleasure.  This time, the tracks are all from their most recent album: Still Night, Still Light.  The performances feature the band’s playful vivacity, and capture the off-the-cuff feel they bring to their concert performances. Just the thing to get your Spring moving in the right direction…

So, head on over and have a listen.  You can also download the tracks for free.  I’ve put one after the cut – along with some other treats – to get you started.  Enjoy!

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In Concert: Au Revoir Simone

One day, this site may run out of Au Revoir Simone photos and stories.  It could happen.  But that day will not be today, my friends!  From Central Music Portugal comes the following twelve-track Au Revoir Simone concert.  It’s the perfect way to fight off the Winter gloom… so, grab a mug of cocoa, and enjoy!

New Video: Au Revoir Simone – “Another Likely Story”

From their twitter page comes the news that the world’s most adorable keyboard trio – Au Revoir Simone – has released a video for “Another Likely Story.”  The video was shot in New York and is directed by Christopher Kucinski.  In keeping with the fashion of their other videos (Fallen Snow, for example), the video features the trio hanging out and playfully enjoying their own company.  If you’re in need of just a bit more lightness in your day, then have a listen!

After that, you might want to head over to Daytrotter for three more songs that you can download for free.