Mix-Tape Monday: The First Fall Mix

There is no season I love so well as Fall.  Yes, Fall.  You can keep your Summer heat, mosquitoes, and suntan lotion.  For me, it’s all about the crisp air, tornadoes of leaves, and the scent of apples and smoke in the air.  And so, this Monday, which is finally a Monday in September, I give you the first (but probably not the last) Fall mix.  It’s a collection of song that puts me in the mood for long drives through the woods – punctuated by cider, sharp cheddar, and pauses to button up the flannel… In short, perfect happiness.

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Mix-Tape Monday: The “Looting Dad’s LPs” Mix.

I’m home alone for the week.  This doesn’t happen very often, but it’s interesting to me that my musical habits instantly regress when left alone.  When I was a kid, and I had the good fortune to be left at home alone, I would go straight to my Dad’s record collection and start playing anything and everything.  (When I wasn’t working on that Risky Business “Old Time Rock and Roll” thing… Incidentally, it’s way more awkward when you’re older.) So, having been left at home alone, this week’s mix is a love letter to those early days of exploration.  And it’s all 70s.  All of it (ok, fine, except for two tracks).  I know, I know… not hip… but comfortable and still awesome.  Check it out!

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Mix-Tape Monday: “8Tracks, c’est les autres*”

One of the great pleasures of using 8Tracks to put together my mixes is the constant availability of interesting, handcrafted mixes.  I come across far more mixes than I had ever imagined, and so many of them are awesome.  And since I can search by meta tag, it’s often easy to find one that suits my mood.  So, for today’s Mix-Tape Monday, I thought I would highlight some of the great music I’ve been coming across in my wander through the site.  And hey, if they’re not your cup of tea, then throw together a mix to show us what is…

So, let’s get this show on the road.  Follow me to see and hear some of my recent favorites from 8Tracks’ wide selection of user-created mixes…


“Years later, he realized her SleepPlaylist was the most perfect SleepPlaylist ever created. It was the one which his 100’s of seemingly perfect SleepPlaylists always hoped to be. Somehow she had it right this whole time…” “Songs intended to make my best friend smile. They worked for her, hopefully they will for you too. =) Twelve tracks including music by Grizzly Bear, Bon Iver and Elliott Smith.”
“These are the songs that @RVRB and @fuelfriends will be listening to while we eat homemade cookies and drive the hours to the sweet musical haven of Telluride Bluegrass Festival. The first ten songs are from Fuel/Friends, the second ten are from Reverb. These songs are a little rootsy, some about travel, many about summer, and most about love.” “Fifteen tracks including music by Bon Iver, Iron & Wine and The National.”
This mix was set to private, and has been removed.
“Self explanatory.” “think happy thoughts :)”
“tracks to keep the bitter wind from flinging snow on your cheeks. when november sings, ears are covered as though from crow caws, until these songs slide down her throat and make her voice sweet again. it’s a pick-me-up mix, a love letter to happiness and sunshine, a homage to the lovely miracle of music piped into our ears as we walk on city streets. 14 tracks. sea oleena, tunng, owen pallett.” “So late it’s early. Too tired to sleep. Eleven tracks from artists including Radiohead, Air and The Album Leaf”

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Mix-Tape Monday: Independence Day Mix

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!  I’ve been away for a bit (long story involving the car that went 280,002 miles and then stopped suddenly…), but now it’s time to come back and do this holiday thing right.  I’ve put together some songs that feel uniquely American to me.  Some are about the country, and some just sound American.  You’ll see what I mean… (and don’t worry, there’s no Lynyrd Skynyrd or “Born in the U.S.A.”)

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Mix-Tape Monday: Wednesday Edition

So, it’s Wednesday.  What can you do?  Actually, the reason this mix is late, and the reason for this mix, are the same.  I went out West for a week.  I flew into the twilight, and over the beautiful mountains, and came to realize many things.  It was a nostalgic trip, bringing forth many faces from the past.  And in the end, after a beautiful week, I realized I’m ready to move forward with the business of living.  I felt alive, and creative, and ready to fight for a better future…

But to honor that person who labored so long with the weights of the past, as well as the weights themselves (all well-earned, I’m sure), I made a little mix.  And it’s yours, now.  Follow me…

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